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Veneto location, only 21 directors out of 51 are constantly present Download the PDF


VENICE – They never always intervene in the classroom, often (and maybe reluctantly) they just push a button – certainly, no, approved, rejected – based on the prompts coming from council desks. But, at the cost of passing as a result of devoid of a voice, some regional councilors of Veneto Patrol Zayan-Northern League They have received a medal: they will talk tiny, they will depart the microphone to their respective team leaders and committee chairs, but they are pretty present.

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At the end of the 12 months, 100 per cent of the attendance at Palazzo Ferro Fini – 44 of the 44 periods of the legislative assembly, of which 9 in 2020 and 35 in 2021 – was received in 21, to be precise 17 directors of the greater part (Roberto Wager, Simona Bisaglia, Elisa Cavinato, Giulio Centenaro, Roberto Ciambetti, Marco Dolfin, Marzio Favero, Gabriele Michieletto, Tommaso Razzolini, Filippo Rigo, Luciano Sandonà, Enoch Soranzo, Raffaele Speranzon, Alessandra Sponda, Elisa Venturini, Alberto Villanova) and 4 from the minority (Erika Baldin, Anna Maria Bigon, Elena Ostanel, Giacomo Possamai).

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The final in the position, as normally, is the president of the Area, Luca zaia, which in the Palazzo Ferro Fini has been viewed 4 instances out of 44 since the commencing of the legislature, consequently achieving only 9.09% of admissions. Unjustified absence? Definitely not, only 2 times was the governor actually absent, the other 38 had been on depart and, thus, justified.

The efficiency of a regional councilor, nevertheless, can not be based on classroom presence on your own, also simply because an elected man or woman could enter the setting up, indication the registration, and then go away to possibly go to his office environment with no being absent. That is why the percentage of votes counts more in the productiveness judgment: in the 44 classes of the council there were 1,503 and none of the 51 regional councilors voted 1,503 moments. The highest participation charge in the vote was achieved by Luciano Sandonà, who is also president of the 1st Committee, with 97.8%, followed by Elisa Cavinato and Marco Dolfin, each with 97.74%. In the ranks of the history minority of participation in the vote of Erika Baldin (94.21%) that is part of the Table. Aside from Zaia (the president participated in 11 votes of 1,503, .73%), the worst were Daniele Polato (56.22%) and Fabrizio Boron (64.27%) and, in the opposition, Jonatan Montanariello (78 , 64%).
But even participation in the vote would not be enough to produce the report cards to the principals: what counts is how a great deal they prepare, how substantially they doc, how a great deal and how they intervene in the classroom when charges, motions, agendas are talked over. All lawsuits that do not include the calendar year-conclusion statistical prospective buyers.

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