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Verratti évoque l'intégration des recrues dans le jeu du PSG "ça va aller vite"

Verratti evokes the integration of the recruits in the PSG game “it will go fast”

Marco Verratti, a 29-year-old Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, spoke in an interview on the club’s official website published on Friday. The Italian international, who arrived in Paris in 2012 from Pescara, highlighted the arrival of several players during the summer of 2021, with the personal and collective adaptation that, therefore, is necessary.

Verratti “I always want them to feel good.”

“How did I experience the arrival of the recruits?

Personally, I think that new players are always welcome because they bring newness and different characteristics to the players already present. And then they are great players, who had already marked the history of football and had already established themselves in their championship. And I, it is also my personality, I always want to make them feel good and try to help them, as we were able to do with me when I arrived.

With my place in the middle, do I have to get to know them more quickly on the field?

Yes, it is true that with my positioning you have to understand the game of my teammates and their qualities much faster. Sometimes the beginnings are a bit difficult. Messi or Hakimi, we know them all, but on the field it is different. But I think when you play with very strong and very technical players, it’s easier to have a connection right away because at the end of the day, we talk about the same football.

Verratti “with these players, everything is a matter of time, building collective things. “

It’s easy to pass Kylian, even if the ball is long, because he can get it back with his speed. It’s easy to pass Messi, who can do incredible foot control. That’s why I think that with these players, everything is a matter of time, of building collective things, and not just between them and me. But I know that everything will be alright, it will be quick. »

Verratti still has this great mentality, with this desire to help all the players. What we see on the ground. No matter the game or the player, Verratti does everything he can to make others feel comfortable, to be useful to the team. Points may not be emphasized enough when there may be a lock in the fact that you score few goals per season. The Italian, in addition to his great technical qualities and his vision of the game, is therefore a great asset for the team.

With him, the group is already on the way to be formed. But we have seen in recent weeks that it is far from enough. It takes a lot of work together for PSG to have a really strong team. Verratti enthusiastically evokes this adaptation, which we understand because it should be easier with great players. However, we see that it is not easy either. It’s even a bit long at the moment. So we hope that Verratti is right and that we will see real progress soon.