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Victory 3 becomes real and will land on Xbox Game Pass PC

Paradox Interactive announced at the fair PDXCON, a sequel to the hit series Victory. Indeed, the third installment will arrive on PC via Xbox Game Pass. A release date has not been announced.

Within Win 3 you can relive a century of innovation. Between the railroad, the telegraph, the steamboats, the birth of aviation, the campaign for women’s rights, historical moments will be waiting for you. The Victorian era saw the world gradually transform with tremendous new technologies, new philosophies, and new approaches to politics. Like an open history book, this tumultuous century will be reborn in this game.

Victoria 3 will be released 11 years after the second play.

The youngest are certainly not aware of this wonderful license and that is to be expected. Indeed, the second work was released in 2010. However, strong community demand toppled Paradox Interactive. Win 3 promises to be a social simulator at a time when the biggest changes took place between 1836 and 1936.

Indeed, You will be able to follow the needs and wants of people around the world. All groups will have their own political preferences, their own technologies, but also their limitations. For example, conservative factions will be able to resist political reforms in the face of the growing number of businessmen and intellectuals who put pressure on the management of the nation. But be careful because the revolution will stalk you in each of your options.

Who will be the largest nation in the world from 1836 to 1936?

Shape the story however you see fit controlling a nation among the ten available out of 183 countries and try to claim your first place. In this social simulation, will you be able to deal with people’s different cultures and ideologies? It will be difficult to successfully feed their populations and educate them to prepare them for change.

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You will have to manage many aspects of your country. Be it diplomacy maintaining harmonious relations with its neighbors, or politics establishing reforms for the good of all.

Victory it is a monument of video games. This third work promises to be spooky as technology has evolved over the last ten years. Cousin, Xbox Game Pass PC and Ultimate owners will have the opportunity to try it out at no additional cost as Win 3 will be available in the service as soon as it is published.

Victoria 3 – The Long-awaited Fan Announcement