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Video game console duel: Microsoft Xbox Series X or Sony PlayStation 5?


As part of the current question on Sunday, the editors would like to hear from you, among other things: Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (test) or Sony’s PlayStation 5 (test), which of the two Zen 2 RDNA 2 game consoles current convinces you more and you have already bought one of them? Or do you only play on the computer?

Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?

Which game console convinces you more technically?

Both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 rely on an APU from AMD’s Semi-Custom Solutions division. Based on Zen 2 and RNDA 2, the two customer-specific IPs each offer 8 CPU cores clocked at up to 3.8 or 3.5 GHz and a GPU with 52 or 36 compute units. So Xbox Series X can go back to 3,328 and PlayStation 5 to 2,304.

From a technical point of view, the two game consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are very similar, as they both use a very similar configuration based on a custom AMD APU. But, which implementation convinces you more?

Which game console has the best exclusive titles?

Last but not least, both Microsoft and Sony are fighting for the favor of gamers with exclusive titles, that is, games that are only available exclusively on the internal platform, at least for a limited time. But which of the gaming consoles has the best exclusive titles to offer?

Which game console has the best ecosystem?

While Sony has now announced the new PlayStation VR headset PlayStation VR2 and is enticing gamers with PlayStation Now and Plus deals, Microsoft is increasingly focusing on Xbox Game Pass. Both game consoles also have their own controllers, but which one has the better ecosystem?

What game console would you buy today?

The Xbox Series X is already available from stock in many places at an RRP of €499, but the situation with the PlayStation 5 is different.

But, which of the two game consoles would you like to buy today?

What game console have you already bought?

Or have you already bought one of the two game consoles since the launch in November 2020? Or do you only play on PC?

Participation is expressly desired

The editors would be very happy to receive well-founded and detailed reasons for their decisions in the comments on the current question on Sunday. If you have completely different favorites, write it in the comments.

Readers who have not yet participated in the last questions on Sunday can do so. Exciting discussions are still taking place on the ComputerBase forum, especially regarding the latest polls.

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Do you have ideas for an interesting Sunday question? Editors are always happy to receive suggestions and submissions.

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