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Video Game ESP: Steam Quiz


If you have an Xbox Game Pass for PC, you must have played The Medium before. This is a game made for Microsoft’s Netflix. Not the worst, but not the best.It’s good old fashioned Yes Video games.

It made us think about other video games featuring playable characters with special mental powers. There is no shortage of these people, so we decided to focus on this week’s Mystery Steam Review.

This week is a little more extensive. We both had to choose three games featuring playable characters with some form of psychic power. So everything from hypnosis to psychokinesis and out-of-body experiences. We loosen the definition a bit faster, but I think most are scans.

If you’re new to these parts, you can find a complete breakdown of the rules at Mystery Steam Reviews Rule Bible ™ below. Also, don’t forget to brag about understanding all six correctly in the comments. And while you’re there, tell us what series / genre / theme you want to see next on MSR!

If you like this, you may enjoy this week’s episode of PC Games Weekspot very much. Of course, we talked about The Medium about what they want from the Hitman 3 DLC and what the IO-suggested James Bond trilogy can take.

Would you like to watch last week’s episode of the Mystery Steam Review, which was all about the US President of video games while you were here?

Mystery Steam Review RULEBIBLE ™

For those who don’t know or need a review.

Corum and Matthew bring both three Steam reviews to the MSR Arena (yes, arena), but the names of the games covered by each review are omitted. Opponents need to guess the name of the game correctly, including numbers and subtitles. However, there is some margin in the “complete version” and “final version”. 1 correct answer = 1 point.

While both combatants have 90 seconds For each Mystery Steam review, there is help in the form of three lifelines. These can be used at any stage during combat, pausing a 90-second timer. Each lifeline can only be used once.

Question Anyone on the hotsheet can ask a simple “yes” or “no” question unless the question is “the name of the game”. [insert name of the game here]?? “. When Second opinion When used, a man sitting in a warm chair can hear a second Steam review of the same game.And when Genre When is activated, the game genre is revealed to a man with a fiery ass.

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