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Now, during the pandemic, we are all obsessed with some form of media. Some are watching more movies than ever before, while others are digging deeper into great books. One thing I’ve personally noticed is that video games are becoming one of the most influential and important pastimes. Just last year, we’ve seen so many story-driven games win the hearts of many, and it doesn’t stop right away.

First of all, the video game can be whatever you want. If you want a game that has no story and many multiplayer aspects, then there is a game. If you want to sink into a world where there’s nothing wrong with anything other than yourself and the characters you play, there’s a game for you. It’s daunting to sit down and think that you can play video games on anything with a screen. It’s good to invest in one of the well-known consoles, but finding the perfect game is everything that suits your needs and desires. By the end of 2020, I ended playing “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in the video game world.

What the world is like now, sometimes I want to be completely separated from everything, and these story-driven games are a perfect escape. As the future of cinema emerges, some may not be able to experience the beautiful experience of seeing everything on a huge screen while spending too much on popcorn. The only alternative that comes to mind is to get all the stress out of your body when wielding New York as a superteen, or to survive the consequences of zombie apocalypse like “The Last of Us” or “The Last of Us Part II.” .. “

These last two games mentioned are probably two of the most acclaimed games to date, both better than some of the Oscar-nominated films of the last two years. If the game has evolved to have a better story than some movies, adding the fact that you can control the fate of the character and at the same time attach it to the character, what else can you offer? There is none. Defeating a game can be very rewarding, especially in a fierce, story-based game. It’s time to start watching video games from the same perspective as movies and TV shows. I’m not two little brothers.

The best type of game is the one that introduces the “butterfly effect”. Games such as “Until Dawn” and “Detroit: Become Human” offer the option to decide the end of the game. These actions can be as simple as what you say to another character, or huge actions that can completely change the end of the game. These games are absolutely the best, as everything is said and run, with countless endings. Each ending can be darker and more rewarding, but it’s still becoming obsessed with well-written characters in huge stories. One of my favorite memories is talking to all my friends about the ending of a particular character, or what they chose to do when all the possibilities in the game opposed us. .. Such things create a connection that can last forever, and that’s why video games can be part of the most influential entertainment, if nothing else.

Featured illustrations by J. Robin Abiles

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