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Video games: the 10 best games of the year 2020 on PS4 and One, according to Simon

Video games: the 10 best games of the year 2020 on PS4 and One, according to Simon

Let’s continue our top 10 2020 series with, this time, Simon’s video game ranking. A fan (too) of motorsports, our veteran editor is nevertheless a fan of more traditional games. We let you discover its hierarchy based on the PS4 and Xbox One titles released last year.

Ranking: Simon’s 10 best video games 2020

10- Empire of the Sun: An XCOM-Like in gangster version? I couldn’t miss it! A fun and unusual game even if it is not as good as the 2K title.

9- Dirt 5: Big change in the DiRT license. Of course, he returns to his first love: the arcade. But there are still a few things missing for the game to be as good as 2! In any case, this fifth work is very nice.

8- The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – Big fan of the English studio, I was expecting this Little Hope a lot. I’m less of a fan of the universe than those in previous Supermassive games, but this little hope is still captivating and addictive!

7- Twin Mirror: Once again, I couldn’t miss the new game from one of my favorite studios: Dontnod. Twin Mirror offers an exciting adventure different from Life is Strange and one that proves once again that these developers are very talented.

6- WRC 9: As a rally lover, 2020 has been a pretty boring year. Regardless, the WRC was entitled to its 2020 vintage on consoles and PC. Kylotonn offers his best game here although there are still many small errors to have a real adaptation of the WRC in video games.

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5- Mafia II Definitive Edition: The rumor had been around for a long time and surprise, the Mafia “Definitive Editions” were released this year! It’s a shame to have a “remastered” PS3 game, but Mafia II what! The game is still so great even if I know it by heart 😉

4- F1 2020: year after year Codemasters manage to improve their F1. The proof with this 2020 work. Customizable calendar (and therefore closer to reality), setting, modeling, My Team mode,… everything is done to offer the new reference of the genre!

3- Destroy all humans! : Another “Remastered” / “Remake”, but at the same time it is in the old pots where we make the best soups. What a joy to find Cryptosporidium 137 and one of my favorite PS2 games! Also, the remake was well done … even if the music was archived.

2- Resident Evil 3: I was late (RE4) in Resident Evil. A good proof that “Remastered” / “Remake” can be useful. I was finally able to discover RE2 and RE3! Simply amazing. And the work done on this game is just awesome.

1- Mafia Definitive Edition: What is not Last of Us II or Ghost of Tshushima on top? But he’s crazy! (Oh yeah! 😉) These games don’t really interest me, and then Mafia what! We also have evidence here that a remastered / remake can be an excellent example of a game developed with talent and quality. Therefore, Mafia Definitive Edition is for me THE game of this fun year 2020 (and quite scarce in video game releases at the end). Proof that videogames were something else at that time and that they are still so great 15 years later!

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