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ViewSonic XG341C-2K Review |  CHIP

ViewSonic XG341C-2K Review | CHIP

ViewSonic XG341C-2K integrates two HDMI 2.1 for consoles, media players and Co., as well as a DisplayPort. There are also three classic USB-A ports and one USB-C (each according to the 3.2 standard).

The USB-C port is suitable for image transmission from laptops and tablets, for example, but charges them at the same time with up to 90 watts. The interface is also suitable for connecting a USB hub. For acoustics, speakers and headphones can be connected via the 3.5mm AUX port, the screen itself alternately accommodates two usable 5-watt speakers.

With all the connections, cable management can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, ViewSonic took precautions and installed a handy little support arm at the bottom. Thin cables can be easily routed through here and kept together.

However, it is a pity that all the interfaces are at the rear. For example, to quickly plug or unplug your mouse, you need to reach behind the monitor instead of to the side. At least typical gaming RGB lighting provides light when searching for cables.

The ViewSonic XG341C-2K’s stable mount is used for more than just secure display installation. It allows for direct height adjustment, and the screen can also be tilted between -5 and 23 degrees and rotated 50 degrees. This is particularly useful if you frequently change your seating position. There is no pivot function, that is, the option to rotate the screen 90 degrees vertically.