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Viral | A man’s Hulk-holstered cell phone stops a bullet fired into his chest and saves him | Twitter | Brazil | Stories | nnda nnni | OFF SIDE


Miracle, but with a damaged smartphone. A cell phone, a broken screen and a Hulk case, the famous green superhero from . These are the three elements in common of a peculiar what has happened in and what has been done thanks to the tweet of the Brazilian doctor Pedro Carvalho who has revealed the circumstances of what happened a few days ago.

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According to what the doctor has told on his Twitter account, a patient at the hospital where he works and whose name is unknown he was the victim of a savage robbery on October 7 in the Brazilian city of Petrolina.

The victim was shot. What could have been a fatal shot ended in a scare thanks to his cell phone. The projectile grazed his hip and ended up impacting on his mobile, which ended up breaking the screen, but the most important thing is that it did not kill or seriously injure him.

Dr. Carvalho revealed that the man entered the emergency room and I only had a small bruise, so that a few hours later he was discharged. The doctor decided to share what happened through his Twitter, accompanied by a photo of the state in which the device that saved the patient’s life was left.

More than one user on the social network noticed a detail: the phone case decorated with the famous Hulk, one of the most beloved characters of Marvel Comics fans. Some others praised the brand of the phone, being so tough to stop a bullet.


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