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Viral News: Charging your phone in the office is like stealing electricity. Salary reduction .. Notice that goes viral .. | A notice was posted in an office stating that salary would be deducted if the mobile was charged at the Viral News office


Viral news: the smartphone has become an everyday commodity in human life. Before you go to someone’s house and ask for ice water …

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Viral news: the smartphone has become an everyday commodity in human life. Do you have a ‘Sea Pin’ charger before you go to someone’s house and ask for ice water? These are the days of asking. The main enemy of a smartphone is charge. No matter how good the phone is, listening to songs while using the internet will quickly reduce the load. With this comes the need to charge at least twice a day. For this reason they carry the charger wherever they go. Tell me how is the situation if there is no charger in the office that dedicates at least 8 to 10 hours a day more.

With this, the load has become as important as the identification card to go to the office. It is in this context that many of us continue to see mobile phones being charged in our offices. However, employees who saw the notice posted in an office were stunned. Getting into the details … A notice was posted in the office saying that mobile phones should not be charged. On this … ‘No one in the office should be charging cell phones or other electrical gadgets. It’s certainly about stealing electricity. Those who do will have to deduct money from their wages. Mobile phones must be turned off in the office.

This is the ad that is going viral.

Viral news

However, despite the lack of clarity on where the incident occurred, the ad poster went viral. While some netizens support the property, others criticize it.

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