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Virtual desktop - new sharpening feature makes games sharper and more detailed!

Virtual desktop – new sharpening feature makes games sharper and more detailed!

While the functionality Oculus Link Sharpening has been around for several weeks and brilliantly improves the sharpness of our PC games VR on Link Where Air link, we mention the possibility that an equivalent will arrive to the competitor Virtual Desk. Compared regularly, and each with their own followers and detractors, they never stop fighting and improving. When one reveals a new feature, the other is usually not far behind.

Therefore, we were not surprised to learn that Guy Godin (behind Virtual desktop), has recently introduced its own option with the latest update to its software. This makes it possible to improve image quality by canceling blur due to video encoding / decoding, with an adaptive contrast algorithm called CASE, for Contrast adaptive sharpness, taken from the Technology Library ofAMD, whose effect intensity can be adjusted using a slider. Rest assured, “AMD technology” doesn’t mean it won’t work on cards. NVIDIA. The sharpening filter applied directly by the GPU embarked on the Search, so he did no impact on PC performance, but may use a little more battery. SolutionsOculus and Virtual Desk They both aim to improve image smoothness, bring out texture details, and eliminate blur inherent in image compression on our Oculus Quest, the majority the solution of Virtual desktop turns out to be more accurate than the one used by Oculus. Note that in general (without sharpening filter), the latter already offers a slightly finer image than its competitor with identical resolution. On the other hand, the award for color fidelity and the virtual absence of compression artifacts (the two weak points of Virtual Desk) go back to Oculus.

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  • To adjust the intensity of the sharpening filter, nothing is simpler, since you just have to go to the tab Transmission from Virtual desktop and adjust the slider as we see fit (Guy Godin recommends 75%).


The result is visually very appreciable and the sharpness gain is really remarkable. As with theOculus Link Sharpening, we have the feeling of rediscovering the graphical fidelity of our games and playing with a much higher resolution. The frontier with strictly PC headset visuals VR receive raw and uncompressed images, unlike our Oculus Quest, shrink and the blur so far, disappears forever. The dispute of “who will do the best” between Oculus and Virtual Desk is relaunched, for the benefit of the players. We can’t wait to see the next evolution.

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