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WA Web: How to use and call WhatsApp Web on HP / PC easily


WA Web or better known as WhatsApp Today, many people use the web very frequently. One of the comforts WhatsApp What is offered is that users can log into WA on their laptops, so they can still reply or send messages while working on their laptops.
Besides sending text messages, WhatsApp The web can also work for voice calls, video calls, sending images, documents, and more. To learn more about the functions that can be used, see the following article.

Dude Login WhatsApp Web

1. The first is the login procedure. WhatsApp on the laptop via the website.
2.Open it in a browser by typing
3. Next, scan the QR code found on the website page using the app. WhatsApp on your phone
4. Scan the QR code correctly. If so, you will immediately go to the website page.

Excess WhatsApp Web
By using WhatsApp Web, of course, you can do many things on one device. Also, there are several other facilities that you can get:

  • Sending text messages
  • Send documents directly from your computer or laptop
  • View the status of WhatsApp others
  • Mengirim’s voice memo
  • Sending photos / videos
  • Forward the message
  • Delete messages
  • View someone’s contact information
  • See view WhatsApp the biggest

In addition to having advantages, there are also disadvantages or characteristics that are not owned by WhatsApp Web.

Deficiency WhatsApp Web
1. Cannot make a voice call or video call
2. Cannot create state
3. It must always be connected to the cell phone.
4. Cell phone battery drains quickly
5. If the mobile phone has no signal or the battery runs out, WhatsApp the web cannot be used

So those are the pros and cons if you use WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp used because of the many functions that can facilitate communication between one person and another, such as sending messages, making regular calls and also video calls. But why WhatsApp The web does not have a function to make phone calls, here is an easy way to do it.

How to enable WA Web video call on PC
Because WhatsApp The web does not have a function to receive and make calls, so one way is to download an application. WhatsApp for computers or commonly known as WhatsApp Desk.

By using WhatsApp Desktop, you will get all the functions that you can use as you would WhatsApp on mobile. To get WhatsApp on the desktop, follow the procedure below.

  • Go to the browser page in Google Chrome
  • Enter search
  • Choose the type of laptop or PC you are using, either Windows or Mac
  • If you have selected, click download or download.
  • If it is already installed on the computer, open the application WhatsApp and scan the QR code provided.

Or if you don’t want to download the application WhatsApp, there are also video calling tricks with WA Web

1. Open it WhatsApp Web
2. In the upper right corner, click the point icon
3. Klik Create a Room
4. Klik Continue on Messenger
5. Enter the Messenger account you have, then click Continue
6. After that, follow the room creation process until you get the URL link.
7. If so, share the link with the friends you want to video call with.

So, you already know how to activate Video Calls on Facebook, right? WhatsApp Web, you can use one of the above methods depending on your needs. Good luck!

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