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Warning, Messenger will soon stop working on these phones

Warning, Messenger will soon stop working on these phones

WhatsApp drops support for some older devices again. Starting in the fall they will no longer be supported and users will likely no longer be able to use the app. These devices are affected.

WhatsApp will no longer be compatible with some older iPhones starting this fall. The “WhatsAppBeta” page noted this: the tweak can now also be found on the official FAQ page of the messenger.

The WhatsApp chat service has noticeably lost popularity over the last year and a half: the uproar over the new terms and conditions and the general concern over the new merger of WhatsApp and Facebook have caused millions of users to turn to alternative messengers like Signal or Telegram .

However, WhatsApp is still by far the most popular service with around two billion active users, so surely more users will be affected by the latest tweaks.

Specifically, the point is that as of October 24, 2022, iPhones with operating systems prior to iOS 12 will no longer be compatible.

A warning message noticed by (Source: / Screenshot)
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