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Watch NASA's 2021 hype video full of moon dreams and Mars hope

Watch NASA’s 2021 hype video full of moon dreams and Mars hope

This Orion spacecraft will probably fly in NASA’s unmanned spacecraft Artemis I mission in late 2021.

NASA / Marvin Smith

Last year was a big deal for space missions.. As we officially enter 2021, NASA is looking forward to a full schedule of space exploration for the Moon, Mars, and beyond. The space agency has released a video preview promoting the New Year’s plans, and the moon is the star of the show.

The NASA 2021 video begins with all eyes on the planned launch of the Moon and Artemis I.

The video is full of hope and optimism, but in reality it is difficult to start a space mission on time. A NASA Report Released in Late 2020 Citing the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket delay, Coronavirus pandemic Scheduling issues and high costs as obstacles to the agency’s goal of landing humanity on the Moon in 2024 through the Artemis program.

The first major tests of the SLS and Orion spacecraft were conducted at Artemis I in 2021, but we have to wait for the unmanned spacecraft to start this year.

Other NASA goals for 2021 are on track.The· Perseverance Rover Ready to land on Mars on February 18th. If all goes well, it marks the beginning of a long-term plan to bring Martian rock samples back to Earth.Significantly delayed James Webb Space Telescope is still on the calendar Release date of October 31st.

The Moon, Mars, and James Webb are just a few of the highlights.Complete video from the International Space Station DART Asteroid-Redirect Mission.. If NASA succeeds in checking most of these items from the 2021 to-do list, we will enter another epic year in space.

Follow NASA and other institutional exploits all year round on the 2021 Space Calendar.

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