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Marquinhos : “On aime bien jouer les matches comme ça”

“We like to play games like this”

PSG beat Marseille tonight to earn the first trophy of the season. Marquinhos It was once again imperial tonight. To the microphone of Canal Plus, He was delighted with the performance of his team that offered a good game.

Marquinhos: “Against Marseille we know that these are not easy games. It is a team that puts us in difficulty in the game, they give us a lot of commitment. We like to play games like this. In this context, we played a very good game. We try to play well on both sides. We have good times and bad times. We are making progress and that is the most important thing. Both teams have great players. We want to put on a good show without doing bad things with football.. Today it was like that, we got 2-0, Marseille has returned to 2-1. I think it was a good game to watch.

Match are 300e

Marquinhos: “It is a pleasure to be on the field and help my teammates to do their best to win games and trophies.. This is what I came to look for. This is my story and I always try to build more. “

Coach change

Marquinhos: “We have a new coach with a new philosophy. There have been changes. Little by little try to generate changes. It is not always easy to change managers in the middle of the season. He is an exceptional coach who talks a lot with the players. We thank Tuchel for what he did. I think I made good progress with it. He showed me a new level of football that I never thought I would reach. I’m happy about that. Now there is a new stage for me, PSG and the squad.