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We made you a secret ... how to block your WhatsApp web account using a fingerprint

We made you a secret … how to block your WhatsApp web account using a fingerprint

Several leaks revealed that واتساب It intends to launch a new feature for the computer version of the WhatsApp web application, as the feature aims to protect its users’ messages from unwanted access when using the application on computers and laptops.

According to the technical site “WABetaInfo”, the instant messaging application WhatsApp owned by “Facebook” has revealed the incorporation of support for the function of “biometric authentication” for the desktop version of “WhatsApp Web” for computers, so what is the mission of this new feature?

This new feature is very important for those who use the WhatsApp application on their computer “WhatsApp Web”, since it allows the user to log in to the messaging account by means of a fingerprint or facial print, thus providing greater protection to the account, especially for those who log into WhatsApp account. You then leave it active on your computer, which could lead to manipulation by others and a violation of privacy.

This is also done through the “iPhone” and “Android” phones, where the biometric authentication function is activated first in the version of WhatsApp on the smartphone, and then we review with you how to block WhatsApp Web using a fingerprint or a facial print. .

How to block WhatsApp Web using a fingerprint or a faceprint

WhatsApp Web

1- Open WhatsApp from your smartphone, then click on the three vertical dots and choose the “WhatsApp Web” option.

2- Click on the “Connect device” option.

3- Open the “WhatsApp Web” version on your computer through the following link, Press here.

4- When you press “Connect a device”, WhatsApp will ask you through a pop-up message to touch the fingerprint sensor saved on your device, or use the password to unlink a device and use WhatsApp on other devices.

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5- Confirm your identity with a fingerprint on the phone, then point the phone’s camera at the computer screen to read the QR code on the screen until you log into your account.

What is the benefit of the new WhatsApp feature?

A new feature of WhatsApp is that it is more secure and prevents any intruder from seeing messages when opening your computer, and contributes to faster access to your WhatsApp Web account, and allows you to know the devices connected to your account and log out of any of them if you want.