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Welcome sight from the Mets attack


The New York Mets attack was actually really good in 2020, but at the same time they were just ok. Such a statement sounds strange and makes no sense at all, but since it’s Mets in 2020, I think that’s enough to explain it. But I will continue.

Looking specifically at Team wRC + in the regular season, Mets marked 122. This led Mets to the National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers. The best wRC in baseball +.. If they landed at the top of this particular leaderboard, how did they end up with a record of 26-34 and the last draw in the NL East?

There are several reasons for this, some of which is the fact that New York did not score enough. The unit tied to the league’s best wRC +, second only to the Atlanta Braves in the team’s on-base percentage (.348), but scoring was difficult. Mets pushed 286 runners across the plate and placed them in the middle of the puck over the shortened 60-game season. 13th place..

.732OPS and 100wRC + as teams with runners in the scoring position (24th and 23rd respectively in baseball) do that. But hey, we’re not here to talk about the negatives — the team’s collective wRC + was an encouraging sight, especially as it was a continuation of what we achieved in 2019 (104 wRC). +, 7th best in baseball).

As I was scrolling through the FanGraphs leaderboard, I noticed something when I saw the league’s top qualified batters on wRC +. There were three mets in the top 30. Dominic Smith (6th), Michael Comfort (13th), and Brandon Nimmo (The 23rd). Naturally, I wondered, “How often has this happened these days?”

After all, the 2020 event was the first time we looked back at Mets’ history until 2010. This is an overview of the number of qualified batters in the Top 30 of FanGraphs’ wRC + leaderboards and their personality.

(For this super-arbitrary movement, players had to stay in the Mets all year long. They are the rules.)

This is out of the question for a while, Suspicion of Lucas Not very loved As he deserves, ourselves Mike Mayer pointed out On this week’s Twitter machine.

Returning the gear to the current (and recent) day, it’s hard not to get excited about what’s coming for the Mets attack. They have a problem and add one or two different bats (* cough * Francisco Lindor, George Springer, And / or JT Real Mute * Cough *) certainly helps. But, as has been mentioned many times, and perhaps with these virtual pages, the fielder-side core group of rosters is incredibly powerful.

Looking at the table above, the types of players who landed before 2018 stand out. I’ve already seen the potential outside of Duda (his 28-year-old and 29-year-old season) before things plunged. What is likely to have been the peak of each player’s career. Or, at least, there was already evidence of what they could do in the big leagues.It’s very true Jose Reyes And David wright (Single tier), Curtis Granderson Although he is a man, he was already in his mid-30s by the time he landed in Queens. Yoenis Cespedes‘The first year in New York was his 30-year-old season.

for Jeff McNeil, Pete Alonso, Nemo, Smith, Confort, it’s not ridiculous to think that the best hasn’t come yet. As a quick review, on the opening day of 2021, their ages will be as follows (unless the world continues to end):

— McNeill: 28 (he will be 29 in a week)

— Alonso: 26

— Nemo: 28

— Smith: 25

-Comfort: 28

Huh, man, it’s exciting, and now it’s time to build around these guys and create a legitimate competition window where the playoffs could be clear for at least the next few years. ..

Mets attacks without production, which many expected to be seen from McNeil (which didn’t really get hot until September) and Alonso (who dealt with his considerable disagreement before firing between) It was also encouraging to see this done well overall in last week or so).

Hope for 2020 is very clear. Nemo behaves normally, Smith and Confort continue to build their respective breakouts, and McNeil and Alonso rejoin among the league’s top offensive weapons. Add one or two important external parts and the rest will be gravy on top.

In New York, the number of qualified players in the top 30 of the wRC + is consistently increasing each year, as no one was in the group during the 2017 season. Let’s hope that this trend will continue in the right direction in 2021.

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