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Weststadt without electricity for more than two hours: that was the reason for the interruption

Weststadt without electricity for more than two hours: that was the reason for the interruption

The Weststadt to the Steinheim industrial park and parts of the western city center had no power since 5:30 p.m. Wednesday night. At around 7:50 p.m., Stadtwerke employees completely restored the power supply.

According to Erich Weber, Stadtwerke’s authorized representative, a technical problem in Stadtwerke’s Hochberg switchgear was the cause of the problem. The fault occurred in the 20 KV network. The 20,000-volt medium-voltage cables feed the transformation centers, which in turn inject electricity into the low-voltage networks that supply homes. If the medium voltage network is interrupted, several transformer stations are not supplied and power fails over a larger area. Municipal utility companies have yet to find the cause of the glitch.

Firefighters and THW in action

The power outage prompted a response from the fire brigade as one person was trapped in an elevator. The Heidenheim fire department was able to free the person. The Technical Assistance Agency (THW) also had to move because a patient on a ventilator was affected by a power outage in a private house in Weststadt. The THW provided an emergency power supply so that no life-threatening situation would arise. Kaufland in Weststadt has its own emergency supply, so there was only a short interruption there.

Stadtwerke Heidenheim takes over the Hotel Ecome

Just 14 days ago, a similar power grid outage occurred in parts of downtown and the western part of the city. They fixed it again after half an hour. However, Erich Weber rules out a connection to this power outage, the cause was something else.

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