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What are the most important changes compared to the previous version?


Windows 10 was released in 2015 as an alternative to Windows 8. MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH POLICY

In recent days, Windows 11 has been one of the most talked about topics in the digital world, considering the importance that this change means for virtualization today. This update represents one of the most important revolutions of recent years, such as It is the first major transformation that this operating system has undergone since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015.

Of course, this will push more than a billion Windows users out of their comfort zone, who haven’t seen a change of this magnitude in their computers in six years. For this reason, Infobae offers a list of the most notable differences between Windows 11 and its predecessor, with the aim that the changes do not surprise you when you update your PC.

It’s certainly a big design change for this new Windows. The first leaked images showed a much cleaner interface to look at in Windows 10. With a clear inspiration from Apple’s Mac, Windows 11 will present, for the first time in history, its own Start menu in the center of the screen, integrating its shared use with the already traditional taskbar.

However, for the most nostalgic and conservative, the internal configuration of this operating system will allow you to place these tools on the left side, as currently seen in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s messaging and video calling application will play a prominent role in Windows 11, as part of a strategy to strengthen the link between this software and its users.

With Zoom and Google Meet, Teams was one of the most used platforms during the covid-19 pandemic, unites hundreds and hundreds of people with their work or their loved ones. Therefore, with the arrival of hybrid communication (physical and virtual), Microsoft Teams hopes to position itself as the most used communication platform in the world. There is no doubt that taking advantage of the first of the new operating system to give a boost to Teams is Microsoft’s applauded strategy.

05-17-2021 Characteristics of personal use in the MICROSOFT RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

For months and even years, Windows users have been asking to include Android apps natively and easily. Well now, with Windows 11, that dream will come true. You can download the applications offered by the Google operating system, which will be new Microsoft StoreAn important step in the integration between mobile devices and computers.

When it arrived in 2015, Windows 10 brought with it the ability to play Xbox titles on PC. Well, this option is here to stay and follow the updates of this operating system. For this, Windows 11 believes in not only preserving this bond, but making it even stronger.

Thinking about the growth of new games that Xbox has introduced in recent months, Microsoft will include PC features like Auto HDR and DirectStorage, thus making PCs almost a next-generation console.

Windows 11 tries to convert PCs to a file "an arm" From political and technological research for Xbox LENOVO consoles
Windows 11 seeks to transform PCs into the “arm” of the Xbox console LENOVO Politics, research and technology

As mentioned above, with Windows 11, Microsoft is looking to strengthen the links between mobile and desktop software. Therefore, the inclusion of widget It is a clear example of the intention of the “information technology giant” to achieve this goal.

As in any smartphone, Now it will be for computers Tools It can be placed anywhere on the desktop. That will be easily configurable from the task bar.

It should be remembered that Windows 11 will be officially launched at the end of 2021, but as Infobae predicted a few days ago, There is already a beta option that can be downloaded from Windows Insider.

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