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What are you going to do this week?


Instead of commenting on something this week, I wanted to write about what to play this weekend! Weekends for me are the only time I can really dig into and play games these days.Sometimes I do a few different things, but this weekend I’ll focus on finishing my latest project: Replay FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: Lions WarUse a fan mod called, Valeria..

FFT This is one of my favorite games.I included a fictional sequel to it Previous column I focused on the impossible sequels I want to make. FFT A turn-based RPG featuring wars of the Roses-inspired conflicts full of deception, betrayal, and political conspiracy. Game of Thrones.. It was also a Final Fantasy game full of chocobos and moguri, and other typical traps in the series.

Players can build parties featuring characters who participated throughout the story, common characters hired for money, and even wild-tamed monsters. Characters can be leveled up in different jobs and configured using abilities and skill sets provided by multiple jobs. The gameplay was deep and full of possibilities, but it was also a nightmare of balance issues. That’s where the Valeria mod comes in.

Valeria is a vanilla-style mod that isn’t meant to make a big difference in the game. Instead, it rebalances many of the worst criminals, with overwhelming skills like Shirahadori and completely redone jobs like arithmeticians. We will also introduce some new mechanisms, such as Jobs’ innate abilities. It can take some time in some places to balance Count Orlando and lose his identity by removing all holy sword skills. This includes Hallowed Bolt, which represents the “thunder god” aspect to me. character. I re-edited the bit into a patch myself.

But overall, Valeria breathed new life into the game for me.Replayed FFT Countless times. At this point, I’ve been inadvertently humming game themes in my daily life for over 20 years. However, it’s been a while since I made a complete replay, and it never actually ended. Lions war Also the game version. I still vividly remember almost every battle I’ve participated in, from the placement of the enemy, but I’m having a great time.

Without ruining the game, I’m a couple fighting to Chapter 4 and I hope to end the campaign this weekend, as time permits. That said, Chapter 4 opens up many interesting possibilities in terms of items and secondary activities that can be distracting about this and that. Set up Ramza as a squier and set the knight skill as a secondary (knights can interfere with Valeria’s enemies and silence them). Ramza’s Ch.4 version of Squier has a holy sword-style ability called the Dawn Blade, inspired by Ramza’s skills. Same name in mobile games, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS..It’s not an overwhelming build, but I tend to prefer the lore-friendly version of the character at the minimum / maximum FFT.. The rest of my party consists of a common dragoon named Agrias, Mustadio, Ravness (Tactics Ogre fans need to get a reference!), And a common Black Mage / Summoner. They are by no means a destroyed group, but they cover all bases.

What are you going to do this weekend? Share with us in the comments below!

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