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what awaits us ~ Pokémon of the Millennium

what awaits us ~ Pokémon of the Millennium

With the announcement of the presence of Post malone at a concert to be held on Pokémon Day, The Pokémon Company has promised new announcements, which will be released during the week of February 22-28, with more details to be revealed on the day of the concert at the end of the concert. We already know that a special will be distributed for the occasion Pikachu his Pokémon Sword and Shield with movement I singBut what other announcements can we expect?

The Pokémon Company has stated that the announcements that will be present during the week from February 22-28 it will cover the entire franchise. This means that we could expect everything from merchandise products to video games. The remakes of Diamond and Pearl Pokémon are at the top of the fan-wanted ads and by now, in 2021, these could finally arrive, the recent rumor of Galactic Pokémon could be a suggestion.

In that week, therefore, there could be minor announcements as new products inherent in the many collaborations that Pokémon has organized to celebrate its anniversary to the fullest. However, remember that the monster brand is not just video games and collaborations; He too Card changing game He might find a place to star and a special expansion would celebrate the occasion. The letters will be present in the Happy Meal di McDonald’s, but since the TCG is one of The Pokémon Company’s most profitable products, one or more expansions would come as no surprise.

Other than that, the 25th anniversary of Pokémon could be a chance to revive some. cleave or maybe create new ones. Monster apps on smartphones are highly appreciated by users and are among the most used in stores. The Pokémon Company could bring a new mobile spin-off or perhaps an app that can connect to future games, but this could be announced when a thicker title is revealed.

But speaking of new applications that could be linked to other games, the launch of a physical instrument cannot be excluded, to be used perhaps as a controller. The rumor that the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will have the mechanics of capturing the titles Let’s go could debut a new object similar to Poké Ball Plus, to use in any new title.