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What did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs resent the most? – Life


The late Apple founder Steve Jobs and one of the richest people in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, have known each other for 30 years.

At first Bil gejts He admired Jobs, even wrote him a letter, which, as many claim, he kept while he was dying. However, a rivalry soon ensued.

The relationship begins when Jobs comes to Gates to make Apple software for him.

“It was a strange visit during which Steve said he didn’t really need us and that he was doing great, but still he tried to sell his product. Here’s how it works, he said he doesn’t need us, but he can get us included in the business, ”Gates said later.

In the 1980s, Steve Jobs wanted Microsoft to make software for Apple. Bill disagreed with this. And so their collaboration ended in 1985 when Mycroft released the first Vidnows. So Steve accused Bill of stealing it.

In the end, it turned out that they both stole the interface from Xerox.

“I think it is more accurate that we both had a rich neighbor, Xerox, who I broke into the house and wanted to steal his television, to understand that he had taken it before me,” explained Jobs Gates.

Since then, there have been public provocations.

“Steve Jobs was essentially weird and unusually damaged as a human being,” Gates said at the time.

“He never knew much about technology, but he had an idea of ​​what worked. Did you know that Jobs has no idea about technology? He’s just a great salesman. He knows nothing about programming and 99 percent of what he says and thinks is wrong, “he added.

Not even the man known for the black scroll he always used was indebted to him.

“He would have the breadth needed if he took LSD here and there or went to the ashram in his youth. He was essentially unimaginative and never invented anything. Which is precisely why I think he is more comfortable in philanthropy than in technology,” Jobs said.

He also said it was Bil gejtsThroughout his innovative career, he stole the ideas of others.

“The problem with Microsoft is that they don’t have any taste. And at the same time, I think they are dangerously lacking in style. They don’t have original ideas and they don’t bring culture to their products at all,” he said at the time.

On the other hand, Gates accused him of being manipulative and ignorant.

“I was like a minor wizard, because he ‘spoke magic words’ and I would see him hypnotize people, but since I’m a minor wizard, spells don’t work on me,” he said.

However, he also admitted that he wanted to be like him.

“I looked at people and saw that they were delighted. I was so jealous. Steve Jobs he was a genius, “he added.

He also once referred to the fact that Jobs was kicked out of Apple in 1985 and yet returned as the winner twelve years later, in 1997. He noted that without his return, this company would not be what it is today.

“No one can do what he did there anymore.” I couldn’t do that and I don’t know anyone who can do that, “Gates said.

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