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What do I need to know about the media storage service?


It was in 2005 that Google Photos debuted as cleave Google+ Photos. Note that even after the separation of the two entities, Google Photos only added a few new features to those of the main app.

Two years after its launch, in May 2017, Google Photos has 500 million users. 1.2 billion photos are uploaded every day. When it comes to downloading the app itself, the numbers far exceed the billion mark. This is how the application has conquered the world of social networks.

The Google Photos service and its functions

The Google Photos application is characterized byartificial intelligence integration to enhance photos. It is very easy to use. At first, advanced features only affected smartphones from Google’s Pixel line.

It consisted of improving portraits and landscapes. Google Photos does indeed support a better control about brightness, contrast, saturation and temperature.

It is clear that a function portrait lighting will allow you to modify the light pattern in an already processed portrait photo. This option is now available on all Android devices, but also iPhone.

For businesses, the impact of a good quality photo on the consumer is obvious. This underscores the usefulness of a graphic photo or video editor. Google Photos remains, in this case, one of the best photo storage services, despite some recent changes.

Google Photos’ cloud-based storage and AI-assisted image organizing system are the ideal solution for the storage concerns some people face.

Focus on storage deals on Google Photos

You can download the Google Photos app (Android and iOS) by visiting This program will allow interested parties to save more storage space on their PCs.

The Google Photos service offers three storage settings: Storage Saver, Original Quality and finally Express

Storage savings

This configuration allows the user to store up to 16 MP of photos or video clips up to 1080p in their Cloud Count. Various formats are taken into account, namely: mg, mov, mmv, tod, etc. Others, like the so-called “popular” RAW, will be considered within the Google One storage limits.

From 1it is June 2021, the option to save an unlimited number of photos in supported formats in storage saving mode was removed from Google Photos. Media downloaded from this date will now be counted the storage threshold of the Google One offering which includes 15 GB free.

It is not all. Another feature has emerged that favors photo and video management. The user will thus be able to get rid of an image that he considers too large or simply blurred and that appears in his files if he so wishes.

Original quality

Considered the “best option” of the three offerings, Original Quality preserves the resolution and megapixels of downloaded media. This is valid even if it exceeds the conventional limits imposed. Please note that most smartphones allow exceptionally higher storage limit for this parameter. Therefore, the photos will be saved within the Google One cloud account of the use, just like the emails and files in Drive.

For those in possession of Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, they will have until late 2021 to download as many media as they want. After this date, they will be subject to compression. On the side of the regulars Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, this deadline is postponed until January 31, 2022.

So what about new Google phone owners? They will not be able to download unlimited original quality videos. Google predicted that storage would no longer be free for future generations of Pixel smartphones.


This configuration is more suitable for people in developing countries – people subject to the limitations of their smartphone plans. This involves compressing any photo to just 3 MP before uploading it to the service. For videos, a reduction of up to 480p is required. Added to this is the limitation in terms of the amount of mobile data that can be reduced to 5.10 or 30 MB.

What are the other contributions of AI in Google Photos?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Google Photos can automatically identify your photos. These items can be stored in any group or album of your choice. For example, an update in 2017 allows a dog to be identified and grouped. Hence the existence of the 3 categories “place, person and object” in the album section. The category “ any Show faces. The category ” local », Presents locations based on geolocation. Regarding the category ” object », Highlights non-human topics, birthdays, and even holidays.

Artificial intelligence also allows you to create a book from a selection of photos. Users can request these books from € 12.99.

Data security in Google Photos

The unlimited storage and the existence of interesting options for processing photos and videos show the undeniable usefulness of Google Photos. The question is then to know if it ensures the confidentiality of the data downloaded by users or not.

When it comes to security, you should keep in mind thatno internet download is immune the dangerous. This even applies to Google Photos. Despite the efforts of the latter, each user still has a share of responsibility for the protection of their own data.

Google Photos is private, that is to say that in principle only the user can see the photos they have downloaded.

Access to a photo for other people is only possible when sharing. the share photos It can be risky as other users besides the recipient get the access link.

However, Google has free access to data downloaded by users. This way, you can analyze and consider them for your ad design.

How to handle Google Photos?

It is up to each user to strengthen the security of their own data through additional measures. This is done, for example, by creating private albums on Google Photos. You just have to take your iPhone, open the Google Photos application and press “New album”.

Then we can give the album a name and then select photos by clicking the corresponding button. These photos will then be added to the newly created album. Also, if the same user wants hide photosyou will simply have to select it and move it to the files.

The creation of shared albums with other users begins by opening the album (s) to share. Then, you must press “option” (in the ellipse in the upper right corner) and finally activate the album sharing.

How to guarantee the confidentiality of your data?

There are a few privacy tips to keep in mind when starting to use Google Photos. As such, the Sharing photos with strangers should be avoided.. Also, each exchange will need to be verified for each album.

These albums, although shared, should not be downloadable by outsiders. To this are added the geolocation removal on shared items by link, disabling Google position history (in settings), and finally frequent checking of sharing settings.

In short, despite the excellent service and good quality of the Google Photos tools, users must take their share of responsibility. Therefore, they will take the utmost precaution against possible hacking or intrusion risks.

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