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What does 2021 hold for DCS World?  - News

What does 2021 hold for DCS World? – News

Game News What does 2021 hold for DCS World?

The year 2020 is gradually drawing its bow and Eagle Dynamics, the editor in charge of the development of the ultra-realistic military flight simulator DCS World It is already looking towards 2021. But what can we expect from next year? It is possible to make an action plan through the recent announcements of the team led by Matt Wagner.

As usual, Eagle Dynamics ends the year with a video outlining recent and upcoming releases. This video shows the arrival of the Apache AH-64D longbow. However, it is very likely that the latter will not see the light in 2021.

However, next year, we should see the launch of the following modules: de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI, as well as the Mi-24P Hind heavy combat helicopter they have already been teased many times.

A Ka-50 “Black Shark 3” like the A-10C Tank Killer II this year is almost certainly just like maps located in the South Atlantic with the Falkland Islands or in the Pacific with the Mariana Islands.

About the new Stand Alone called MAC for Modern Air Combat, despite significant delays, the latter should see the light in 2021 but no longer towards the end of the year.

Newcomer, Aerges should launch the Mirage F1 from 2021. As for IndiaFoxtEcho, the latter should release the small MB-339A jet in time. Magnitude 3 LLC is expected to launch the F4U-1 Corsair. The latter has already been teaser in some videos numerous times. Side Polychop-Simulations, the OH-58 Kiowa helicopter It should also see the light of day next year.

The biggest publisher in the franchise, Razbam could launch the highly anticipated McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle Although the complexity of the latter could cause it to slide into 2022.

The DCS World foundation will be vastly improved with a comprehensive review of the weather forecast earlier this year with clouds being in volumetric 3D. like what can already be seen in IL-2 Sturmovik “Great Battles” or the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator. The premises of the dynamic campaign will also be offered to all users. Finally, the game should be under the Vulkan API.. This should earn you some FPS so coveted by more modest PCs.

The year 2021 promises to be very rich for DCS World and we will be following all the news about this simulator on

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