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What does "bg" mean?  Direct access in chat, mail and online games

What does “bg” mean? Direct access in chat, mail and online games

Especially short acronyms like “bg” often have multiple meanings. Here you can find out what the abbreviation “bg” means in different cases when communicating on the Internet.

Meaning in chat (messenger)

When you are in a private conversation through WhatsApp or another chat service, the abbreviation “bg” usually means “broad smile”. Even if you also converse in English, the acronyms have the same meaning: “big smile”.

If you have met a friend via chat, the “bg” can also be used to “See you soon” stay.

We have summarized the most important abbreviations on the Internet and their meaning here:

Significance for mail and letters

Similar to “LG” or “MfG,” the acronym “BG” is a salutation at the end of an email or letter. In this case, the abbreviation means “Greetings”.

Of course, this only applies if the abbreviation is used at the end before the name of the sender. If the abbreviation appears more frequently in the text itself, it probably represents one of the other meanings of “BG”.

We explain other terms and abbreviations such as tl;dr, Alman or Boomer in the following video:

importance in online games

If someone types the abbreviation “bg” in the game chat at the end of a multiplayer game, the person probably wants to complain about the bad round.

In this case, “bg” means the opposite of the popular “gg” and means bad gamethus translated: “bad game” or “bad round/game”.

Other meanings of “BG”

The abbreviation is used internationally as the country code for “B.ulGRAMarias” used. And the top level domain “.bg” also takes you to Bulgarian websites.

On official letters, however, the abbreviation can also mean “B.professionalGRAMassociation”, “Bif necessaryGRAMcommunity“,B.professional GRAMhigh school”, “B.districtGRAMreport” or something similar. In this case, the abbreviation is usually explained at the beginning of the text or in a footnote to the letter, or is obvious from the context.

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