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What happened? He bought a $ 1,563 iPhone and got a yogurt instead

A Chinese woman surnamed Liu has had the worst experience of her life, paying 10,099 yuan ($ 1,562) for a iPhone 12 Pro Max,
a highly sophisticated 256GB capacity model. Instead of his long-awaited phone, he received a package with an apple yogurt.

The woman immediately called the Police and very upset published a video on Weibo, the Twitter of Porcelain.

Liu assures that he bought it in the official store of Apple, but that you did not receive it in person but that the Express Mail Service (EMS) delivery service left it in a locker at your place of residence and sent you a message.

The local police assured that the matter is being investigated, but that it is most likely that the phone has been stolen. The EMS company also announced an investigation to determine what happened.

The same was announced by the Apple company.

In social networks, meanwhile, various hypotheses of what happened have been raised.

Some users believe that the woman did not buy from Apple’s official website and that she was the victim of a scam. Apparently, it is common in China for scammers to spoof the official pages, which they do in a very sophisticated way.

Others believe that it was at the courier service that someone replaced the device with yogurt.

Authorities asked users to always ensure that they are on the official Apple website.