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What happened to Walsen? New patches for pets, new skills and more!

this week Walsen: Lord of Mayhem Released their latest record Blood trail This includes some major additions to the game, including hunts, chronicle rewards, pets, and new active skill modifiers.

If you haven’t caught up with everything that’s happening in Walsen There is no better time to get involved than it is now. Patch 1.1.0, released earlier this week, adds a number of features, fixes, and fun for players who need to master ARPG. After the latest patch release, additional fixes have already been released to address some bugs and balance issues.

With this latest patch, many things have been added to the game, including:

  • New game mode: Chronicle
  • Pets
  • New endgame building for champion mode and stormfall mode
  • New skills for rangers / rogues
  • New craft UI
  • New active skill modifier

Players who want to know all the details of the contents of this patch need to organize Both parts of the 1.1.0 patch notes. We also encourage you to check the hotfix posted yesterday.

Walsen We’ve come a long way from us Early impression We look forward to the game growing and changing as new updates continue to increase the value of returning to the game.