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What is “Google Camera” and why do Android users flock to download it?


Recently, “Google Camera” app came out and became one of the best camera apps on Android phones, causing everyone to rush to download and use it on their phones.

But what is the “Google Camera” app? And why do you Photos taken by phone are better than others At this limit?

What is the “Google Camera” application?

Google Camera is the official camera app Google Pixel PhonesWhich is the only way to operate the camera on these phones besides downloading external apps.

Google Camera app icon

Thanks to this application, also known as GCam, the images captured by the camera of the “Google Pixel” phone are now superior to many of those captured in the leading phones, even though the camera specifications in “pixels” are lower to your competitors.

Google Camera has been developed by the Android system developers themselves and Google’s research team to process the images once captured. The application works by processing the images captured with the phone’s camera to be better than the basic images captured through the phone’s official camera (with the exception of “Google Pixel” phones that originally work through this application exclusively).

Many other apps are based on this mod, from “Instagram” to popular apps like B365 and other well-known effects apps.

Take a picture on the other side "Google camera"

Take a photo through the “Google Camera”

What features do you add to your phone?

With the “Google Camera” application, you can get a set of functions such as:

Slow motion photography

This means the ability to shoot at a frame rate of 120 frames per second or 240 frames per second, and the number of frames varies depending on the capabilities of the phone’s lens.

So this app adds a new feature for mid-range phones that didn’t include the slow motion photography feature.

Bokeh effect

This effect is one of the most popular photography methods and is also known as “portrait mode”.

And Apple introduced this mode for the first time. On your iPhone 7, and since then it has become a necessity for all phone cameras.

The “Google Camera” application works to provide this technology for various Android phones and improve your results.

HDR + quality

This quality expresses the standard of accuracy of the colors in the images or, more exactly, the degree of clarity.

And this mode works to make night photos clearer, taking more than one photo and choosing the best one among them.

The application then works to improve the quality of the images captured by collecting data from the various images captured by the application.

وضع Smart Burst

Your phone, with the Google Camera installed, can capture a large group of images together, and the amount of these images reaches 10 per second.

And when you finish shooting, the phone automatically chooses the best photo, and this image is preserved and the rest of the photos that were taken are abandoned.

Video stabilization mode

The application can stabilize the video and raise the quality of the images through the “optical image stabilizer” in the phone with the digital stabilization of the application.

Google Camera starts to process the video you have captured until it removes the vibrations in it and then fixes the focus of the video.

Panorama mode

Many applications have this mode, but the “Google Camera” application surpasses them in that it is not limited to certain angles or degrees, and through which panoramic photos can be captured in cross section, longitudinal or even from the very wide lens.

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