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What is the future of online gambling?


One of the best qualities of the online gambling industry is that it rarely gets affected by external changes. The gambling industry is also highly flexible in adjusting to the ever-changing player needs, leading to several new trends in the market.

Over the last two decades, online gambling has continued gaining ground as people look for more entertainment options. Today, players don’t have to visit actual casinos to play traditional gambling games like roulette, poker or blackjack, and more entertaining options are changing the market.

Considering the growth rate of the online gambling industry, here are major developments that enthusiasts can expect to see in the future. These developments include:

Esports betting

Esports betting is among the latest trends in the online gambling market, with the current numbers pointing towards rapid growth in the future. These virtual sports are basically video games where professional players compete, with punters wagering on their favorite teams or athletes. The games are increasingly becoming popular in the betting market, giving players new betting markets to wager on.

So far, many USA mobile casinos are offering esports on their platforms. However, virtual sports are also expected to gain traction in different regions worldwide, especially considering their performance in the European and Asian markets.

Thanks to its rapid growth, new esports games are constantly being unveiled, creating new betting markets and attracting new fans. Meanwhile, only a few sports have soared in betting over the last decade.

Social games are the future

Social gaming is another new trend in the online gambling market, involving playing games with other online players for virtual currency, points and other prizes. This upcoming trend can occur across various platforms like Facebook, dedicated gaming sites and mobile apps.

Many social games are created for short bursts, making them ideal for players with only a few minutes to spare. Additionally, social games often feature in-built features that allow punters to connect with friends.

Today, many world-class online casinos offer social gaming options, as experts forecast this trend will continue over the next decade. Its growth is mainly because of the current penetration of mobile devices, as more players are looking for ways to have fun with casual games while on social media. Additionally, social gaming is a convenient and entertaining way to gamble, with the connected nature of modern smartphones facilitating its growth.

Mobile gaming is becoming serious more than ever

Mobile gaming started about two decades ago and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. More and more gamblers globally now have access to tablets and smartphones, which open up the option of playing casino games. That has consequently led to the boom of mobile casinos and games.

Mobile gambling offers multiple advantages over traditional online casinos, including portability, convenience and accessibility. Smartphone gambling doesn’t have to pin players to their home computers. That means mobile gamblers can enjoy their favorite games from anywhere, which explains the continued growth of this trend.

Live gaming to thrive as in-person gambling trickles

Live gaming is among the latest trends hitting the online gambling industry, with early stats showing that it’s here to stay. Live gaming helps punters to interact with actual dealers in real time, giving them a more realistic and immersive experience. Players can interact and connect from across the globe while playing blackjack, poker, baccarat and other games that require a live dealer to run the show.

This online casino trend is driven by the book of live streaming platforms like Youtube Gaming and Twitch. It also goes alongside the growing demand for smartphone gambling. Additionally, it connects with the recent social gaming trend, as many gamblers are looking for the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals while having fun.

Safer gambling on the rise

Safer gambling is increasingly becoming important in the current gambling market due to increased cases of cyber-security breaches. As such, online casinos must implement measures to protect their players from excess gambling or losing their personal information. That can include setting the limits on how much cash a player can wager per week or day, introducing self-exclusion options and cooling off periods.

Online casinos also need to give their players more information on gambling risks, how to gamble responsibly, and how to overcome gambling addiction. They’ll also need to contact players who are at risk of developing a gambling addiction to offer them help and support. These measures help to develop a safe online gambling environment that makes it fun for everyone.


According to gambling experts, the global online betting market will grow at a 9.23% CAGR from 2020 to 2025. This incredible growth is attributable to various factors, including the increasing availability of smartphones, internet penetration and widespread legalization of online casinos. The trends listed above clearly show that the online gambling market is quickly adapting to new technologies faster than other markets, giving bookies plenty of things to check out.

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