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What the production cameras never showed

What the production cameras never showed

10 “burning” questions were answered by Eleftheria Eleftheriou in love is the camera. The singer received questions about her involvement in Survivor and noted that she did not steal anything from the trunk as she was charged.

“I entered the game because they made me a proposal for the third time and I considered it a sign from God” was the first response that Eleftheria Eleftheriou gave for her participation in Survivor.

“It is true that I asked my group to vote for me cbecause I wanted to show others that we don’t make alliances “, the singer stressed then.

Eleftheria Eleftheriou made a special reference to what the Survivor cameras did not show. “The camera should show that I personally did not remove anything from the trunk and they accused me of a very bad charge. They should have shown the conversation I had with Alexis. and how we left behind a misunderstanding and found it. “They had to show a lot of bad things that were going on and the bad and ironic comments that I got from time to time.”

Which player do viewers have the wrong image of? «For Alexis PappasEleftheria Eleftheriou replied.

What was the most unfair comment you heard? «That I am helpless and a thiefHe said and in another question added that: “I will not say who stole but there are some who stole very well” while emphasizing that? “I ate from the garbage. I was not good at stealing, regardless of the fact that I was accused. I once managed to find a piece of chicken in the trash with ants, I blew it on and ate it».

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