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What will the new iPhone be called? One document removes all doubts

There is less and less launch of the new iPhones. But what will they be called? A document raises doubts about it

A document eliminates any doubt about what will be the name of the new iPhone (Getty Images)

By and do di Apple, the highlight of the year is approaching: the presentation of the new iPhones. The second half of September will in fact be the useful period for the Keynote launch of the iPhone by and by fans. they are no longer in the skin.

Lots of rumors and indiscretions running after them about it. In addition to the features at the software and hardware level, there are also those who wonder about a fundamental question: what will the new Apple devices be called? A document raises doubts.

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iPhone 13, confirmation arrives with an official document

iPhone 14
It will be called iPhone 13, thus confirming all the rumors of recent weeks (

A document has thought of it to confirm everything: it will be the iPhone 13 the new Apple iPhone. In recent weeks there has been talk of a possible 12S or a completely new version, but apparently it won’t.

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The image in question was shared by a very reliable filter, and shows one of the stickers that will be placed on the packaging of the new high-end smartphones. Cupertino giant.