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What will you give for Christmas? | Games, perfumes and home appliances on the podium | Economy


Toys are firmly in the first place of Christmas shopping, as tradition dictates that children are the main protagonists of the Ntale. In second place are personal care products such as perfumes, aftershaves, cosmetics, face-body creams, makeup kits. Third are household appliances such as televisions, electric coffee makers, toasters, electric razors, vacuum cleaners, radio alarm clocks, video cameras. This was sanctioned by the National Union of Consumers with its traditional study on Christmas expenses that estimates the top ten Christmas sales in 2021, not based on the usual surveys, but by processing data from Istat on retail sales.

The study analyzes, for each group of products, the increase in sales, preparing the ranking of those that mark a greater increase in spending, not in euros, therefore, not in absolute value, but in percentage terms with respect to the sales of the products. previous months. .

Immediately below the podium, in fourth position are household goods (kitchen utensils, crockery, porcelain, ceramics and tableware) while in fifth position, stationery products (books, calendars, pens, diaries, postcards), generally delivered a lot for companies.

It is followed by equipment for information technology, telephony and telecommunications (cell phones, cordless phones, computers, tablets, electronic book readers, computer furniture, printers, electronic games …), in seventh place are Footwear, leather and travel. articles (also suitcases, bags, wallets, leather belts …) and, in eighth position, Garments and furs (also gloves and belts other than leather, ties). These last two elements are clearly improving compared to the years before the pandemic. In 2019, for example, clothing ranked ninth, with sales growth of 26.8%, compared to + 35.7% this year, while footwear was even outside the top ten, in the eleventh position, with an increase of 16.2% compared to + 37.4 today.

In ninth position Other products (jewelry, watches, frames, gold or silver objects, flowers and plants …). Close the top ten, Photo optics and musical instruments (cameras, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes).

Only in eleventh position, out of the ranking, Food and Drinks. The item includes both the increase in spending that is produced by Christmas lunch and gifts based on food, such as panettone, pandoro, sweets, sparkling wines. The lower increase compared to the rest of the divisions also depends on the fact that the purchase of food is constant throughout the year, unlike Christmas products, more specifically such as toys.

In twelfth place, furniture and textiles and home decoration (lighting elements, paintings, tablecloths, centerpieces …).

“Ours is a ranking of the gifts that are normally given, based on the percentage of increase in their sales, not a ranking of the most welcome – specifies Monica Satolli, Regional Coordinator of the National Union of Consumers -. We do not know, therefore, if receiving the classic perfume or aftershave, instead of a book, fifthly, is really appreciated by those who receive it. The truth is that they are highly donated, in some cases also because they are easy to do with affordable prices for all budgets. In front of the first place of the classification, the children, as it should be, continue being the protagonists of Christmas ”.

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