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What’s wrong with the Steelers Run game?


The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the business on Sunday afternoon with a convenient 36-10 driving of the Cincinnati Bengals. With the victory, the Steelers continue their undefeated season.

At 9-0, no one else in the National Football League can claim to be without loss this season. As strange as 2020, the Steelers set a new franchise record each week in terms of the longest winning streak to start the season.

There aren’t many issues that plague the Steelers right now, so why were they able to carry up to nine undefeated streak games? However, one of the big problems is that there are no run games owned by the Steelers.

But this is Flavel’s five ideas. So I will discuss it, And In addition, in the process of this column.

As always, we have a lot of discussion and unpacking. Let’s get down to it.

So about that lack of running games …

I don’t like the Steelers opening a column with negative thoughts during the 9-0 season. But the Steelers run game has been terrible for the past month.

James Connor was given the first role to start the season, despite being vulnerable and inconsistent early on. He’s been playing some solid games and has recently started posting mediocre numbers.

Connor has proven to be a talented running back when healthy. I still believe so. This is sometimes said to be the worst attack line I’ve seen in the last few years. They have lost some starters in the last few off-seasons and line classics like Mokis Pouncy and David DeCastro are slowly aging. That is not ideal.

You would argue that Ben Roethlisberger was fired only 10 times this season. However, Roethlisberger is set to get rid of the ball in 2020 much earlier than at any point in his career. In turn, it does not allow the defense to reach him easily. Roethlisberger returned to throw 46 times today. While Big Ben is still proving to be talented, it’s much more ideal to reduce that number from the mid-thirties to a lower one.

To do that, we need to improve the running game. Eventually, the Steelers come across a team that can get rid of the short screen paths that the Steelers may have used instead of runs in recent games. They will run the ball to the Steelers. If they don’t understand what’s afflicting them in the division, they’ll notice that they’re bowing relatively early from the playoffs.

This is the Steelers’ biggest concern with Country Miles. Understand the run game. Pittsburgh may go out to the game in February. If not, the elite team will expose them in January and monitor the rest of the playoffs from the couch.

Well, it doesn’t get in the way. Get down to all the fun and positive things about the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL.

Steelers’ secondary plush toys are a talented attack

Bengali are not known for their defense. In fact, they have pretty boring defenses.

But on the offensive side of the ball, Cincinnati is building a very young and competitive core.

Everyone knows that Joe Burrow could one day be in the top 10 quarterbacks. Talented, he may already be there. As he begins posting Bengals wins, he becomes more widely recognized. Combining him with young receivers Tyler Boyd and Tea Higgins and a running game led by Joe Mixon could be an aggressive Jaguar note.

The ancient Giovani Bernard played most of the snaps because Mixon was injured and unable to play on Sunday. Rookie Samageperin also played. They didn’t even have the first lineman. Things weren’t that bright for them. But they still had enough weapons to make a noise.

All the Steelers did was shut them down. Cincinnati won 3rd place in this contest 0-13. They punted a lot.

Cam Sutton was forced to fumble for three consecutive games. Joe Haden did some great plays. Minkah Fitzpatrick has washed the fields like pests in recent weeks. Everyone pitched in and kept Bengals in a single touchdown.

Bengals is not a great team. Pittsburgh Defense is two better units. That doesn’t mean Bengal can’t be a top-notch attack in the years when everything started to come together, but for now the Steelers are a better unit. Their dominance led to such a biased score.

It’s good for them to see Bengals more than just a victory. They took them seriously and did business.

Steelers wide receiver showing that they deserve respect

I want to refer to it first paper I wrote for this website. We talked to the Steelers pass catchers about how they are being neglected.

Well, at 9-0, as I expected, the Steelers receiving the core were great.

None of them post flashy stats. On the contrary, the Steelers may not even have a clear number one wide out. Some might call it Juju Smith-Schuster. Others will point to Dion Ta Johnson. If things keep rising for him, the rookie’s second round Pick Chase Claypool may envision that place.

Smith Schuster led the team at the reception on Sunday. Johnson picked up the most yards. Claypool increased the pace of the pass catcher with two touchdowns. Different recipients led each important stats category. That’s a good thing.

Add that Eric Ebron is a great opportunity for the Steelers and is on track for Roethlisberger. He has more targets than ever before. James Washington is often forgotten because it doesn’t contribute as much as others, but it’s not included. Vance McDonald was often injured as a stealer. But when he is healthy, he is a good contributor as well.

This list is deep for Pittsburgh in the Pass Catch division. Giving your franchise quarterback unlimited options is a great way to win him and keep him happy.

If you have a team that knows how to draft and develop a receiver, it’s Pittsburgh. Smith Schuster, Johnson, Claypool and Washington were all drafted by the Steelers. The young cores are a fun group to lag behind, proving that they belong to the game’s elite receiving corps, despite the lack of flashy stats. Sometimes vision tests are a little more important than statistics.

How good was the special team?

Special teams are an area where the Steelers have been struggling primarily over the last five seasons. Like the other aspects of their game, the Steelers’ various special team units are on target.

Kicker Chris Boswell is as solid as they come. His 2018 was terrible, but he bounced back in 2019 and 2020 was just as good. He is nailed when it comes to achieving field goals regardless of range. No one anoints him with Justin Tucker, but Boswell has been the top three kicker in the last two seasons. The difference between a missed kick and a kick made may be the difference in the game or playoff berth. Steelers are ok.

Their return game was bad in recent memory.

Antonio Brown returned the punt when he was in Pittsburgh. When he became a true star, they tended to remove that duty from his plate for fear of unnecessary injury.

Ryan Switzer, a rarely used wide receiver, has been responsible for these missions over the past few seasons. He was a disaster. Being on the bench for Johnson late last season was so bad that Johnson proved to be a really good returner.

Ray-Ray McCloud was brought in to compete with Switzer at the camp. He defeated him and removed Switzer’s roster from him. McCloud was on the verge of breaking a big touchdown run. On Sunday he beat everyone, but was caught from behind after kicking out the Bengals Panther.

McCloud has the highest average punt return in the NFL (15.0 yards per return) and the sixth best average kick return (24.2 yards per return). Kick-offs are becoming less frequent as kickers have larger legs and kick-offs come from the 35-yard line. However, they are exciting and can change the momentum of the game when big returns occur. McCloud has the speed to do that.

This is all, not to mention the Pittsburgh punt game.

Dustin Colkit defeated Jordan Berry on the spot at the beginning of the season. Colkit showed his age and turned out to have continued his steady decline over the past few seasons. Pittsburgh cut the bait with him and brought back a very malicious berry.

Suddenly, Berry always keeps his team within his 20-yard line. He unleashes a punt with a length we’ve never seen him hit.

The percentage of special teams playing in a particular game is small, but it has a significant impact on field positioning. The Steelers are in the best condition of having been on a special team for years.

Keep an eye out for department / conference races

The Steelers, who are currently sitting undefeated, clearly lead their division. Did anyone lead it in 3 games in the 10th week? I did not do it.

Ravens have been disappointed in this regard. They lost the Sunday Night Football touchdown to the New England Patriots and fell to 6-3 this year. Their exaggerated defense worked well. Governing the NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is good, but not great for his MVP defense this season. In turn, they are 6-3 and are in real danger of getting out of the competition in the sector.

Assuming both teams win next week, the Thanksgiving match is looming for AFC North supremacy.

The standings will be two swings. If Ravens wins, they will be two game outs. If Pittsburgh wins the match, he will play 5 games with 4 games up. At 11-0, they will almost guarantee themselves the title of the division.

The Browns are still lurking 6-3, but we play this game every year. Baker Mayfield and Co. will implode and find a way to finish in 8-8 or less. Bengal is a non-factor in division racing, but it will help in the coming years.

The real race will be AFC’s top seed.

As you may not know, there will be seven playoff spots in both AFC and NFC in 2020 instead of the usual six. This means that there are three games on the wildcard weekend instead of the usual two. Second, only the top teams in each meeting will be given the first round bye-bye. No.1 in both in normal season&Two species get goodbye.

Will the Steelers be 16-0? It’s hard to understand the event. Anything can happen in the NFL. However, with the exception of Thanksgiving, it will be supported in at least 6 of the last 7 games. 14-2 seems to be much more realistic.

Kansas City Chiefs, another AFC premier team, is 8 to 1. They will play on a much tighter schedule in the last seven games. There are 6 to 3 teams in a row. But on the road so far this season, the Chiefs feel like the only team to challenge Pittsburgh to reach the top of the conference.

The 10th week has passed. The playoff race gets tighter and begins to heat up. The Steelers need to play off, but the match and the coveted buy-week race begin to take shape. Sit down and relax while the Steelers are heading towards the NFL record’s seventh Lombardi Trophy opportunity.

Cody Flavell is a contributor to All Steelers. Follow Cody on Twitter @ Cody_625, And All Steelers @si_steelers..

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