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WhatsApp: Another new WhatsApp feature .. Now your chats are still safe .. Anyway ..

WhatsApp has been saying for a long time that it will take a toll on the privacy of its customers. As part of this, the company has made many changes to its technology. It introduced end-to-end encryption a few days ago. This means that only the other person can see the message you sent. WhatsApp in the middle did not read it. Therefore, those chats are transferred in the form of encryption. Now it will also bring this kind of feature to chat backups. This means that the backup file related to WhatsApp chat / groups on your mobile can no longer be seen by third-party applications, but by WhatsApp / Facebook. This feature is currently being experimented on.
WhatsApp: WhatsApp’s new twist on privacy policy … if not accepted … cut these services

Did you know that you can backup your chats / group chats on WhatsApp? Chats will be backed up per day / week as specified above. First create a backup file on your mobile … then it will be uploaded to Google Drive / iCloud. Many fear that someone else will access the chat backup in this order. Some have also expressed these suspicions on WhatsApp. WhatsApp brings the latest end-to-end encryption feature. This feature will remain in the Chat Backup option in Settings.

The chat will ask you to backup and create a password if you select this feature. End-to-end encryption kicks in when you enter the password of your choice. After that, the backup process will start. After that, if you ever change the phone or reinstall WhatsApp … you will have to give that password when the chats are restored. If you give a password like that, those chats will be decrypted and will reach WhatsApp on mobile. WhatsApp will give you a recovery key that will be useful if you forget your password during this sequence. WhatsApp chats cannot be decrypted if you forget it too.

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WhatsApp, meanwhile, is nearing the deadline for its new privacy policy. Users must accept the Privacy Policy before the 15th of this month. However, as mentioned above, WhatsApp will not stop the accounts of those who do not accept the privacy policy. Explaining the Privacy Policy and remembering from time to time. Reminders keep coming until you accept it. However, it seems that users who do not accept the policy in this order will lose some features as the days go by. They are likely to be resolved soon.

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