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Whatsapp: Anyone who has found this hidden feature can no longer do without it


Not all Whatsapp users know about this trick: a well-hidden feature makes your chat life easier.

  • WhatsApp hides an ingenious function that not everyone knows about.
  • A important message in one chat can as marked favorite and be found again in an instant.
  • It is easy.

Munich – WhatsApp it is good for various types of communication: to discuss important topics and binding appointments, as well as for long conversations. It gets hard when both mixed. When you get really important information in a chat and then it gets filled with loads of other messages. Because you just had a conversation or about a FC Bayern match* exchanges.

What can easily happen not only in private messages, but especially in groups, where the virtual tongue is even looser. So you scroll back through the chat days or weeks later with the thought: When did I get the really important message again?

Our Screenshot It serves as an example: an important appointment is displaced by many other messages. When was that again? meeting? You don’t want to ask either.

A typical example: you make a date and then continue chatting; until she needs it, she has forgotten the rendezvous/meeting point.


Whatsapp with ingenious function: mark a message as a favorite

Fortunately, WhatsApp has one well hidden featurewho not everyone knows as reported by*. But once you have discovered them, you will no longer be able to do without: Bookmark individual messages!

Bookmark individual messages: Touch and hold them, then select the star, and you’ll always find them easily again.

Try it

Here’s how it works: If you’ve received an important message that you want to quickly find again later, hold it down with your finger for a long time (anyone okay as well as Android). A menu will appear with the option to bookmark the message with a mark a star.

This is where the “Mark with a star” function is hidden.


Whatsapp: Messages marked as favorites are stored in the contact

Then, after days or weeks, when you open the chat with the person or group, click on the name line at the top. There you will find the pointmarked with an asterisk“. Where all the messages that you have marked as favorites for that contact or group are hidden.

Perfect for those with a poor memory: the list of starred messages from a contact.


There is no other way to find important messages so quickly, and after making an important appointment, you can also use the FC Bayern* discuss or exchange funny GIFs. And many more too small tricks can make the daily use of Whatsapp easier. (line) * is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Image of rubric list: © Screenshot

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