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WhatsApp APK: what’s behind it? This is how the download and installation works


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WhatsApp APK: what’s behind it and how to install it

08/27/2022, 12:14

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More privacy with WhatsApp // IMTEST

More privacy with WhatsApp // IMTEST

Messenger has new features again. It’s all about group calls and the “last seen” screen.

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WhatsApp can not only be downloaded through an app store. Installing an APK version can also be done through a backdoor.

who WhatsApp usually use Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But there is another way for Android users to register download whatsapp. And you don’t need access to the Google Play Store or a Gmail address for that.

WhatsApp: what does the APK mean?

The APK is an abbreviation for “Android packages”. This is a zip file that contains all the installation files of an app. Basically, an APK file is created for each app you can download from the Play Store. However, Android OS crashes if you try to download a file APK that does not come from the Play Store.

Allow WhatsApp APK Download

As a result, users who want to download an APK file must first grant permissions for it.

  1. To do this, go to settings smartphone.
  2. Under “Apps & notifications”, you need to tap on “Special app access”.
  3. Then find “Install Unknown Apps” from the list.
  4. Then all you have to do is select the browser used for the download and “trust this source”.

Download and install WhatsApp APK

Then you can start downloading. You can download the APK version of WhatsApp here.

  1. After downloading the file, you can start installing WhatsApp APK.
  2. Locate the file on the smartphone and start installing it by following the instructions for your device. Finish.

As useful as the APK version can be, there is a major flaw in the whatsapp update: Unlike the version downloaded from the Play Store, the app does not automatically check for updates or make updates automatically.




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The APK version of WhatsApp, on the other hand, needs to be updated manually, which can cause security issues. To update the version, you must perform the same steps as for the first installation. The old version is simply overwritten.

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