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WhatsApp: beware of the new code scam

WhatsApp: beware of the new code scam

We have already told you about this in the past. WhatsApp scamhowever, today it is presented in a new way, much more credible but very dangerous.

The WhatsApp passcode scam is back

How do you know when you try log in to WhatsApp on a device, a code sent by SMS, in the past someone has used this method to WhatsApp account scam, sending a message to the victim and apologizing access code.

Today the situation has become more credible, since first you hack the account of a contact on your list, after which through it you send a message requesting the code in question sent via SMSIt goes without saying that the victim inevitably falls in love. Do not provide mel WhatsApp access code received by SMS to anyone and for no reason, as it will be possible to insert it into a new device spy on your WhatsApp conversations.

This happens because access from a new device does not disconnect the previous one, many resort to the trick or scam in question to read the conversations of friends, family or their partner, others instead to see if in any conversation the login credentials for bank accounts, credit cards, paypal accounts or others. It is easy to fall victim to the scam, but at the same time you have to defend yourself, as anticipated, if you receive an unsolicited SMS, throw it away and notify your contact about the scam.