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WhatsApp Chat Transfer: This service is also available on Google Pixel smartphones, coming to Android 12. WhatsApp chat transfer feature from iOS to Android is coming to Pixel phones

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WhatsApp users on iOS devices can now transfer their chat history to more and more Android devices. Initially, this service was only applicable to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. On the other hand, it should be noted that this feature was introduced not only in folding phones, but also in many other Samsung smartphones. However, this service has now been added to the Google Pixel smartphone. On the other hand, Google authorities also said that this WhatsApp chat history transfer service will be added to all phones that will be launched with the Android 12 feature out of the box.

Users need a USB Type-C cable to transfer this chat history from WhatsApp. It is worth mentioning that the WhatsApp chat history transfer service was first launched on the Samsung Galaxy Z folding smartphone last August. In a recent blog post, Google announced that more and more Android devices are getting WhatsApp chat history transfer services. Google authorities said that to transfer chat history, iOS and Android devices must first be connected. Then, by scanning a QR code on the iPhone, it will be possible to transfer all the WhatsApp chat history (conversations, media and more) to the Android device.

So if you are an iPhone user and you are thinking of migrating or transferring to Android device in the meantime, worry no more. As long as there is an obstacle, what will happen to all the WhatsApp data on the iPhone? This time your solution has arrived. WhatsApp data or better WhatsApp chat history from iPhone can now be transferred to Samsung Galaxy Z foldable phone as well as Google Pixel phone. In the coming days, it will be possible to transfer WhatsApp chat history to other Android phones, especially those with the Android 12 feature out of the box.

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For the WhatsApp ‘Chat History Migration’ feature to work, the iPhone must have WhatsApp iOS or higher. With this new WhatsApp feature, a user can transfer all their WhatsApp account information, profile photos, personal chats, group chats, multimedia files (photos, videos, audio), previous chats, and configuration details from an iPhone to a Samsung phone. Only users cannot transfer their own call log or display name. Also, having a USB Type-C cable will not migrate the data the user is transferring and save it to cloud storage. Also, WhatsApp will not be able to see what data is being transferred.

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