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WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp Disappearing Message: This is all you need to know about it!

Back in November, Facebook The long-awaited The ability to disappear messages on the popular WhatsApp social media platform. The main purpose behind this feature was to “make WhatsApp conversations as close to face-to-face as possible.” This feature was already part of other similar apps, but it’s new to WhatsApp. Moreover, the implementation by social media giants is quite different.

Like most features, WhatsApp Deployed it Gradually, it means that no one was immediately available to it. The disappearing message became available to the masses and was a very demanding feature, so it makes sense to talk more about it.

WhatsApp disappearing message: what and how

Messages disappearing on WhatsApp May be one of the nicest additions For messaging apps. When enabled, all text messages will be deleted after 7 days. Of course, this only works with new chats that keep existing chats safe and healthy.

With this feature, Facebook has adopted the idea of ​​”ephemeral” messages in text messaging apps. The company aims to provide users with a whole new level of privacy. Disappearing messages work in both individual and group chats. Of course, the latter requires administrator privileges.

In both use cases, this feature must be turned on and left off by default. Switching between disappearing messages in WhatsApp is very easy and here’s how to do it:

How to enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages in individual chats and groups

As mentioned earlier, the entire process of enabling disappearing messages in WhatsApp is very simple. Here’s how you do it.

  • Fire WhatsApp Application on smartphone.
  • Tap an individual chat or group Enables disappearing messages.
  • Now, Tap the contact name or group name Access settings and other options.
    WhatsApp disappearing message
  • with this, Message disappearing option. Tap to enable or switch.
  • You may see a prompt message detailing the continue Go further.
  • Now, Turn on disappearing messages Tap the on option to work.
    WhatsApp disappearing message
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As a confirmation, WhatsApp will notify you of the same rights in chat. That is, both users can see the confirmation message. This works for both enabling and disabling features. If desired, you can also tap the confirmation message to quickly turn the feature on and off. That’s a pretty nifty addition in our opinion.

Well, that’s all you need to do to enable disappearing messages in WhatsApp. Said, it’s very easy.

Important things you need to remember!

Now that you know how to work with messages that disappear in WhatsApp, there are a few things you need to know to take full advantage of this feature.


The disappearing message works as designed, but there are few exclusions that can hold an instance of the message.

  • Notifications may show a preview of the message even if the user does not open WhatsApp in 7 days.
  • The same applies to WhatsApp’s “Reply” feature. The user may still be able to view an instance of the text message after the text message disappears.
  • If any user forwards a text message, that particular occurrence also remains active.
  • Finally, backups made before the text messages disappear will, of course, contain those messages even after they disappear.

In fact, WhatsApp also cannot prevent messages from being saved to others in the form of screenshots or photos. You need to keep all these things in mind when using disappearing messages. WhatsApp also recommends using this feature with trusted individuals.

How about shared media?

You may now wonder the same about shared media. What happens after 7 days if I enable this feature? Of course, WhatsApp also hides the chat media, but there is a problem. If automatic downloads are turned on, these shared media can be left stored in the user’s device’s local storage. WhatsApp recommends turning off the same towards Settings >> Storage and data In-app.

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Nonetheless, WhatsApp’s disappearing messages are a nifty addition to text messaging apps. The introduction of the same shows the fact that companies are actually trying to improve the nature of their privacy. Apart from end-to-end encryption, message loss provides an additional layer of privacy in your own hands.