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WhatsApp feature rewind: Have you used these features on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp feature rewind: Have you used these features on WhatsApp?

Internet Desk: WhatsApp constantly updates its features to help users make more efficient use of the messaging application. Features like Pay Funds, Chat History Transfer, View ones, Forfeit Calls are known to have been made available to users. Have you looked at how these features work …? Let’s learn how to use them …!

Variety of topics‌ …

WhatsApp payments feature is available to Indian WhatsApp users. Family and friends can send cash to anyone via WhatsApp UPI. WhatsApp has added an extra touch to the payments feature. Themes can be put in the background depending on the context when sending cash. For example, if you want to send money for a birthday present to your friend, birthday themes can be sent in the background. WhatsApp claims that the Pay Funds feature is very useful for conveying personal emotions.
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Data transfer

It allows users to easily transfer chat data from an iOS device to an Android device. In the past, chat data could be transferred from one device to another using third-party applications or it could be backed up to the cloud and downloaded and transferred to a new device. Sometimes this can lead to data loss or deletion. As an alternative, WhatsApp has introduced the chat history transfer feature. Currently, this feature is only available to a small number of users. Coming soon for all users.
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Unique display function ‌ .. as well as give up calls

* Send secret and personal photos and videos to whoever you want. Otherwise, they should not be opened more times. WhatsApp has brought the See ones feature for those people. The receiver can only view the photos and videos you send once. Then everything will disappear. Bhalegundi kadu this feature ‌ .. and try Osari … Click for complete information

* Similarly, his friends and family gave him a group video call. He couldn’t connect because he was busy at the time. However, with the new feature that WhatsApp brings, you can join any video call at any time. If the group call still continues when you open WhatsApp after a while, you will see two options on the screen, Join and Ignore. You can join them on a group call by clicking Join. More on group video calls