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WhatsApp gets an overhauled status screen

WhatsApp gets an overhauled status screen

If you like to see the status of other users, you can be happy: in a future version of WhatsApp, this will be easier to see. The photo service Instagram served as a model for the developers.

WhatsApp developers continue to make their messenger more user-friendly and complete. New features, easier operation, and bug fixes usually alternate, but sometimes it all comes at the same time when a major version update is due.

As the beta testers discovered, the developers are currently revising the status screen of the messenger. Developers took social networks like Instagram as a model for this and now provide a similar look and feel for status.

Profile picture shows status

The state needs to be more present overall and more focused. In the new design, this is now hidden behind the respective contact’s profile picture. This is highlighted in color when the corresponding user has posted a status.

The profile picture is surrounded by a colored ring as soon as a new status is available. (Source: WABetaInfo)

All in all, the new feature makes it easier to view status messages. Instead of always having to switch to the corresponding tab, you can see directly when someone has posted a status update, and with a click on the profile picture you can see it directly.

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