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Whatsapp gets this feature from Facebook: the long wait is over

Whatsapp gets this feature from Facebook: the long wait is over

Now it’s finally happening: Whatsapp gets a feature that has been available at Facebook & Co. for a long time. That’s behind.

The beginning of the Whatsapp reactions is getting closer and closer: after there have been corresponding indications of the introduction of this innovation for months, early adopters are now getting this feature “loose” to try it out. That is, with WhatsApp beta for Android. the

anyway WABetaInfo.

We have not yet been able to discover the feature in said beta version on our Android smartphone, but that is because it was only released for a small group of users at first and only later more Whatsapp users got access to it. But it won’t be long before “Whatsapp Reactions” will be available to all Whatsapp users.

What are WhatsApp reactions?

Users can respond to a message, for example in a group chat, with six emojis: thumbs up, heart, smiley face, surprised face, sad face and praying hands. Once the user has selected a reaction, an icon will appear in the bottom right below the message. Everything looks like this:

Whatsapp Reactions starts with six possible reactions


Whatsapp Reactions starts with six possible reactions

long way to start

There were already first indications of the new reaction function (“Reactions”) in Whatsapp

in September 2021 (we inform).
Strange thing on the side:

In January 2022, a setting option to control the display of Whatsapp reactions was discovered in beta versions of Whatsapp for Android, iOS and desktop.

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reported here.
So the reaction notifications option was included in the beta versions before the reactions functionality itself.

Whatsapp users finally have the opportunity to react to received messages (in an individual or group chat) without having to enter a text. A feature that has existed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social services and chat programs for a long time. The number of reactions should not be limited, but more than 999, “999+” will be displayed.

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