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WhatsApp increases data limit and brings emoji reactions


Until now, WhatsApp has not been suitable for exchanging large files with each other. But that has now come to an end, because Messenger has increased the limit for file sizes. There are also news in group chats

Photos, music, videos: If you want to share large amounts of data through WhatsApp, you quickly reach the limit. Because exchanging files with Messenger was limited to a size of 100 MB for a long time. But WhatsApp has increased the data limit and now allows you to share files up to 2 GB in size. The maximum number of participants in group chats has also been increased.

WhatsApp increases the data limit to 2 GB

In March, the messenger began a test phase in Argentina. There, selected WhatsApp beta testers could already test the higher data limit with Android smartphones or iPhones. Now we also get the data update, and it’s official: in the future, WhatsApp will no longer only allow you to send files, images and videos of up to 100 MB, but up to a whopping 2 GB.

For example, 2 GB corresponds to a complete movie in good HD quality or a larger collection of photos. The data limit applies to each WhatsApp message sent. With the introduction of the new upper limit, large amounts of data can now be sent via WhatsApp. However, this could also lead to problems, since it makes it easier to send illegal copies, for example.

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Group chat updates and introduction of emoji reactions.

Over time, WhatsApp has been increasing the maximum number of people in a group chat. Previously up to 100 members were allowed, then the number was increased to 256. Now there is another update with which up to 512 participants can be added to a group. The new upper limit should also be of interest to companies, studios or other large groups that communicate through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp now also allows emoji reactions to messagesPhoto: WhatsApp Blog

A third point that should be of interest to many users, in addition to the new data limit and group participants, is the introduction of reactions in WhatsApp chats. As known from other messengers, these come in the form of emojis. Instead of sending a single emoji as a separate message, WhatsApp users can now reply directly to a message, with the reply appearing in the form of their chosen emoji above the message. At first, users have six emojis at their disposal, more could follow.

The update is available for both Android and iOS. However, since the release is being rolled out in waves, it may take some time for the new version of WhatsApp to reach all users.


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