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WhatsApp is finally getting the ability to edit messages

WhatsApp is finally getting the ability to edit messages

WhatsApp users can rejoice: the popular messenger is getting a new feature that has been standard in other chat apps for years. Learn more here.

The Meta Facebook group is constantly offering new features to users of its popular WhatsApp chat app. As beta testers have discovered, it looks to be back in the near future.

Now a feature has appeared in the beta version that many users have been waiting for a long time: the ability to re-edit sent messages afterward.

It has long been standard with other messengers

This new feature is particularly familiar to those WhatsApp users who also use other messaging apps like Telegram; after all, the WhatsApp clone has had the editing option built in as standard for years.

Interestingly, the “Wabetainfo” page, which informs about the latest WhatsApp updates and features, discovered the editing feature in the trial version more than five years ago, but at that time the WhatsApp developers removed the feature again after a few years. days. But now the time has finally come and the chat app should have a corresponding feature.

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