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Whatsapp is planning these 2 comfortable changes

Whatsapp is planning these 2 comfortable changes

In the latest beta version of Whatsapp for Android, Messenger brings two convenient innovations.

Meta released a new version of Messenger Whatsapp this week through the Google Play Beta program

. Version for Android contains two new features that could soon be included in the final version of WhatsApp.

Select multiple recipients for media

In the beta version, WhatsApp shows a new view for subtitles. Until now, Whatsapp users were unable to select different recipients when sending images or videos from a chat. This was only possible by sending the camera token. That changes after the update. If users want to send a photo, video, or GIF to a contact directly through their chat history, they can now select other people as recipients.

Define the target group for status updates

With the update, Whatsapp is also redesigning the way users define the target group for their status updates. Previously, the audience could be changed by taking a photo from the Camera tab. Here Whatsapp showed “Privacy settings for status updates” section. In the new version of Whatsapp, the selection of the target group now also works if the content was not recorded through the “Camera” tab. A new window allows you to select the audience to see the status update when publishing.

The “Camera” tab should be gone

With the new beta, WhatsApp prepares your messenger for future changes. In the coming months, for example, the “Camera” tab will be replaced by the

“Community” tab to be replaced
. It is not yet clear when the new features will be available to all users.