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WhatsApp launches a long-awaited super feature soon

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During the last few years, the WhatsApp and WhatsApp application launched a large number of important functions for iPhone and Android users, but the most used chat application in the world is preparing in the coming weeks to launch a function that users were waiting. many years.

According to the GSMArena website, WhatsApp will allow Android phone users to hide the “last seen” function from specific users, as the beta version already contains the last seen function, so for more privacy it was a long time ago.

The last seen feature is expected to reach everyone using the beta soon, then in a few weeks all users will be able to use the feature normally.

Anyone using WhatsApp will be able to set a “last seen” status for everyone and their contacts and contacts to see, except for the blacklist of specific people.

The WhatsApp application plans to add alerts to users about changes in the security code of other contacts, in case the user logs back into their account on WhatsApp through a new smartphone, these codes will appear on the screen of contact information for the WhatsApp application. They are unique codes for each chat as a configured QR code of 60 numbers.


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