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WhatsApp: Nachrichten sollen sich künftig bearbeiten lassen

WhatsApp: messages should be able to be edited in the future

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to edit messages even after they have been sent. Until now it has not been possible with WhatsApp to correct just a sent message without completely deleting it and re-entering it.

After the emoji reactions that have already been introduced for all users, the increase in the maximum number of members in a group to 512 and the also well-known function of being able to secretly leave a group without notifying all the members of the group, WhatsApp continues to work on some basic functions to integrate messaging.

If you long press your own message, it can also be edited in the future, like a screenshot of WABetaInfo of the Android version of WhatsApp. It is not yet known whether WhatsApp shows that and when a message was subsequently edited or even provides a log where changes to the message can be tracked. It is also not known if the ability to edit a message is limited in time so that chat histories cannot be edited at will; Skype, for example, limits this option to 60 minutes. It also remains to be seen when the feature will be available to all users.

WhatsApp: edit messages later (Image: WABetaInfo)

The function was already planned 5 years ago

However, this is not the first time WhatsApp has worked on a text message editing feature. The feature appeared about five years ago, but was later dropped by WhatsApp.

Twitter working on edit button

The possibility of being able to edit messages was back in the media recently thanks to Twitter, since the social network had announced that it had been working for the last year on an edit button, which users had been asking for for a long time. Rumor has it that Twitter plans to not only notify users that a tweet has been edited, but also schedule an edit history so edits are transparent to everyone.