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WhatsApp: mobile phone suddenly shows a green dot in the upper right: that’s what it means



Are you using WhatsApp and suddenly a green dot lights up in the upper right corner of your mobile phone screen? We tell you what it is.

If a green dot appears on the screen while using WhatsApp, it means something. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • When WhatsApp accesses the camera or microphone, iOS and Android now mark you with a green dot.
  • The flag is designed to prevent an app from secretly logging you.
  • It is not limited to Messenger but monitors all apps.

Maybe you already noticed: yes WhatsApp From time to time a green dot appears on the top right corner of the mobile phone screen on iPhone and recently on Android phones as well. What’s it all about?

Contrary to what you might think, this does not symbolize a new message, but rather indicates that Messenger is currently accessing your phone’s microphone or camera. That also explains why the dot doesn’t light up all the time. For example, it can be seen when you record a voice message or take a photo.

While Apple introduced this indicator in 2020 with iOS 14, it has only been available on Android phones for a few months with the release of android 12 To bleed. By the way, the screen is not only limited to WhatsApp, but also works in other applications. Its purpose is to prevent an app from eavesdropping on you or taking a picture of you.

What about WhatsApp with this? mysterious icon it is about and what it is red exclamation marks next to a message means, you can find out in the linked articles.

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