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WhatsApp privacy policy ... Know the dangerous procedure in case the popup is rejected

WhatsApp privacy policy … Know the dangerous procedure in case the popup is rejected

An application is based واتساب By bringing many modern capabilities in front of the viewers at all times, and this is what helped it to become one of the best known applications in the world, as the application seeks to have a pop-up function, which appears continuously until it is Users are required to accept all the new conditions announced by the application. Otherwise, you will be prohibited from working on the application.

WhatsApp Privacy

Recent developments in the application allow users to get all the various requirements that provide a state of harmony with the main company of the application that owns it, as opposed to the common penetration of the privacy of the members by accepting the terms of the application .

The British Metro website reveals the deadline set by the parent company, and the WhatsApp application to accept the new terms that the company provides at all times, which makes it necessary for users of the application to expedite the approval of the conditions provided by the business. application in front of them, which arrives on May 15, that is, within a week.

The company emphasized that in case the new terms are not approved, this will render the application useless and it will not work with its users mainly, and this adds to the lack of ability for users to read or send all messages through the app.

The new terms of the WhatsApp application

And Facebook announced that it had introduced new policy conditions for the WhatsApp application, during last January, which consisted of working on the presence of an alert within the application, through which users’ privacy was accessed at all times, resulting in a state of panic among users of the application in various countries around the world, and caused millions to stick around to use it in a big way.

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