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WhatsApp web application launches one of the exciting features that users have been waiting for

WhatsApp web application launches one of the exciting features that users have been waiting for

The WhatsApp application is one of the famous programs that specialize in instant messaging, as it deals with instant chat, voice calls and video calls on smartphone devices, and in the recent period of launching a copy of the program on linked computers to the mobile device so that the user can communicate correspondence between the two devices.The company that produced the application is interested in making continuous updates to develop the service all the time to satisfy the users and develop the service they receive all the time, and in the last During the update period, the function was specific to the WhatsApp web application.

Update the new WhatsApp web application

The WhatsApp application released one of the new updates to its program on the computer, but this feature is still in testing, which is the ability to make voice and video calls through computers and laptops, and it is worth noting that this feature is present in some devices in that period, as a kind of The tests, but it is expected that it will be available soon on all devices after the success of the experiment, and the matter was announced through the personal account of a newspaper reporter email on the social network Twitter. networking site.

WhatsApp instant chat app features

The Facebook owner of the WhatsApp application constantly updates the application so that it can satisfy all its users, as it allows them to exchange calls, photos and video calls, and has recently developed the technology to share photos by sending about 30 images in a single message. . and increasing the file size. video sent.

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